The Greatest Mother’s Day Gifts

My kids are at the best age for gifts right now because they love giving them and you can still see the childlike virtue/mischief in each gift.  This year, they each made things at school on Friday and brought them home for me to cherish.

My son made me a huge tissue paper flower with a bookmark made from his picture and he was so excited to give it to me, making me promise to use the bookmark when I read.

he’s hanging on

My daughter made me a “diamond” ring out of pipe cleaners and a Hershey’s kiss and decorated a cake from Publix.  She ate the diamond from the ring on her way home (apparently it was just too tempting to save it for the 3 minutes it takes to get from school to our house) so I never got to see it, but I did get the pipe cleaner ring.

a diamond-less ring

She also ended up eating most of the cake, along with her brother, but I did get to taste it and lick the icing from the edges once I realized the rest was gone.

can you tell she likes sprinkles?

I also got to go out to a Mother/Son Date (K)night at Chick-Fil-A with my boys where they were knighted by Sir Cow, got balloon swords, and were forced happy to give me a rose.

my mini knight (before his meltdown)

knighting himself

my big knight taking his oath to be good for his mommy

Mom, just take the rose so I can play

They also decorated some cute bud vases at Sunday school for me to use when they bring me weeds beautiful flowers from our patch of grass.

Even with all of the great gifts listed here, I think the sweetest part was what they wrote on the cards they gave me and the forms they filled out at school.  My son wrote me a personal note that said he really liked it when I helped him make things for his teachers over the last few weeks (a feat that I thought had gone unappreciated).  Then they both filled out different form letters with their personal answers, both sweet and funny!  Here’s my daughter’s note:

My mom is special.  My mom’s name is Courtney. She is special because she’s a princess! I like it when my Mom stays with me! My Mom can do many things! I think she’s best at dropping me off at school! My Mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by saying ‘I love you’.  My mom is as pretty as a flower. My Mom is smart! She even knows best! I’d like to tell my mom that I love her!

I like the part about me knowing best.  She’s such a smart girl! 🙂 I also love that my best quality appears to be my ability to drop her off at school. Ha!  Here’s my son’s note:

Mommy is nice. She is __ years old (I’m just going to leave that blank) and 5 feet tall.  She is pretty like a diamond. She is really good at cooking. My mommy loves when we clean but does not like ketchup.  I would never trade my mommy for anything, not even a game show.

I love that he thinks I am a good cook (which I am not) and that he would pick me over game shows, which are his favorite things to watch/play right now.  It’s always nice to be reminded that I do rank over Jeopardy and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader!

My kids don’t always show me their gratitude, but they always come through just when I need it!  It’s all these little things that keep me loving my life as a mom!  Hope your Mother’s Day was just as wonderful!


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