DIY: Find It!

About a year ago, my mom bought the game “Find it” for my son.  He absolutely loves the game and for weeks would challenge me to beat him!  There are various versions of this game available for purchase at the store so he always asks me to buy another one so he can search for new items.

Instead of spending the money on another store-bought version, we decided to make our own!  I searched the web and Pinterest to find out if anyone else had ever attempted this (of course they have, my creativity is always late to the game).  So, we took a cue from the creative people on Pinterest and saved a few of the liter sized sparkling water bottles that we had in our stash, bought some rice, and combed our house for any random toy items that would fit inside the bottle.

this is all you really need.

It just so happens that all of those little accessories that come with barbies, games, lego sets and other gifts that kids lose immediately upon receiving turn out to be quite handy when you are trying to make this game!  Hooray! Free junk to hide in our rice!  We gathered all of the trinkets up and took pictures of them so we would know what we were looking for in the bottle.

old buttons, charms, silly bands, craft supplies, etc.

Then, we rotated back and forth between adding rice and adding toys so that things could be distributed evenly.

starting our layers

We filled the bottles up to the top before we realized that you do need to leave some room in there so things can shift around (hey, it’s trial and error).  Luckily, dumping out a little rice is a quick fix and then you can seal the lid and get ready for finding fun!

You can see little goodies peeking through 🙂

These were so easy to make and the kids loved them so we plan on making more to give as gifts in the future.  We are going to print out a picture of the items in each one and decorate them with cute tags for that project, but that’s for another day.  For now, this was an easy game to make and should provide hours of fun at a tiny fraction of the cost of the original game from which this was inspired! (AND, it helped clean out some of the teeny toys that I always find myself stepping on all over the house!  Yeah!)


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