Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I have always known that there are major differences between little boys and little girls but this week I am getting firsthand knowledge of how different they are in terms of behavior away from “the family”.  My older son is in kindergarten and not particularly rough (I’m basing this mostly on some WILD boys I have seen around the school and on his sports teams), but he is fairly strong-willed and has had a few moments where he has gotten into some hot water at school for basically acting like a 6-year-old boy (or a 35-year-old man who thinks he is smarter than the teacher, but that’s a whole other story on its own).

This week I learned that girls also get into trouble and, more often than not, for talking too much.  Apparently, my daughter is one of those girls.  I have no idea where she gets it from (I jest, I am not one to sit quietly if I have something to say either), but somehow I have to learn how to stop it before it gets out of hand.  Her teacher informed my husband at preschool pickup that she had not been behaving ALL WEEK and it was all because she just won’t shut up!  I glanced over at my daughter while my husband was relaying the message to me at lunch and she had her head down, occasionally peeking at me out of the corner of her eyes, quietly judging my face in order to properly rate my reaction and therefore sense the level of doom that I was preparing to bring down on her.

I must admit that my immediate reaction to her “I’ll pretend to be sorry in order to lessen the punishment while I slyly check to see if this works” idea was to giggle hysterically because she is a pretty good actress. However, I was able to muffle my laughter and speak to her in a stern, but kind tone.  I asked her why she was talking so much and to my surprise she answered honestly by saying, “I just wanna have fun with my friends!”  Oh, Lord, she just hit my Cyndi Lauper weakness button!

I am sooooo not ready for this!

Even though all I could hear was Cyndi in my ear at that moment, I tried to explain to her that she was at school to learn first and have fun second so she would just have to talk during play time while she listened during work time.  She gave me a despondent look and sighed, pausing for effect, before saying, “ok, I will mommy.”  Now, it remains to be seen whether or not she will actually change her actions tomorrow – I am waiting to see at pickup time – but I hope the powerful words I imparted upon her got through.

Has anyone else been through this?  Are my words already landing on deaf ears?  This kid is going to be trouble for sure (I swear I got my sister’s child somehow), but I thought she would at least make it through elementary school before I started doubting my effectiveness as a mom and disciplinarian! Do I have my own Cyndi Lauper on my hands?!   How do you get a girl to stop talking when all she wants to do is have fun?!

…….Dear Lord, please let my baby be an easy child as he grows up!……


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