One Teacher Down, At Least 7 More To Go!

Yesterday we learned that one of my daughter’s preschool teachers will be leaving at the end of the week to take another job.  My daughter was very sad to hear this news but cheered up when I told her we could make her a going-away/thank you gift to bring on Friday.  Now, I am very much a person that likes to make things to give to people based on specific experiences with that person; nothing generic sits well with me.  Of course, this meant I had to frantically search Pinterest AGAIN for something that we could make easily but that would still be as meaningful as something we would have given her at the end of the school year when I would have had more time to think about the perfect gift.

Luckily, I found an idea for a flower vase filled with magnetic letters and a tag that says, “thank you for helping me bloom”.  This seemed to be the perfect gift because it is a reminder of her time as a preschool teacher (and of my little devil angel) and it is something she can take with her to use on her new desk. I did decide to tweak it a little by making flower pens instead of using real flowers because it seemed more useful for the office setting!

I let my daughter pick out the flowers for us to use (naturally, they are pink) and she also found some butterflies on flower stems that she insisted we use to add a little something different.  I think she was spot on about the butterflies.

Now, I am no expert and I am not really that artistic, but I think it turned out pretty well and I think her teacher will appreciate our efforts.

very spring-esque, right? 🙂

It was also very budget friendly, which is EXTREMELY important right now since we have so many teachers to get things for this year!  All I needed was a pack of pens, some silk flowers, floral tape, magnetic letters and a vase!

This would be a great project for parents with multiple kids who have multiple teachers to thank….LIKE ME!  I would like to give a shout out to skip to my lou (one of my favorite crafting websites) for sharing the editable and FREE printable tags for the vases because I really appreciate the creative people sharing their genius with people like me who need guidance!

you can see the tags better here

Now what to do for the other teachers???……good thing I still have another month!


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