Being Chosen Star Student of the Week Somehow = Extra Work For Mom

My oldest son’s Kindergarten teacher started a new tradition on Fridays: choosing a star student of the week.  This entitles the chosen student to several special “moments” reserved just for him/her the next week.  There are 18 children in his class and we had made it to week 10 and my dear son, whose greatest joy is having something extra to do at school (yeah, I don’t get it either), had still not been chosen, even though he had been planning for it since the first week.  Each Friday he would come home disappointed that his name was not randomly chosen from the magical egg carton (I have no idea how you choose names from an egg carton, but it does sound magical).

Then, last Friday, week 11, HE WAS FINALLY THE CHOSEN ONE!!!  He got to bring home the special box of art supplies, a cool poster to fill out about himself, and a letter for his dear old mom telling her that she should prepare some sort of letter, poem, story, slide show presentation, dramatic reading, acrobatic performance, death-defying feat, etc., to share with his class on the upcoming Friday.  (I jest about the last few, but I am totally serious about the other “ideas” offered.)  As excited as he was, this came at the worst possible time for me since I am now down to just a few days in which to finish all the party planning for my daughter’s birthday this weekend and am in no kind of creative mood!

Still, I refuse to be completely outshone by the other parents who have come before me so, I set to work writing a poem about my wonderful boy, complete with rhymes, as personally requested by my son.  I was able to accomplish this during my time in the pickup line at his school and I was so proud of myself! “You are such a Supermom,” I thought to myself!  Then, as my son got into the car and I told him how great his mother is and how she already finished his poem, he told me, “I changed my mind, I want you to make a poster about me and all of the sports I have played.”  FANTASTIC.

Ok, this is technically my presentation so I could have told him “no, you’re getting the poem,” but I know how important this ridiculous thing is to him so of course I agreed.  However, I seriously could only set aside one day to focus on that project or I would never be able to do all of the things I needed to do for the party!  No pressure, right? So, that night, I bought some poster board and rounded up all of my old photo albums and then, early the next morning before we left for school, I sat and found a picture from each of the 8 different teams he has already been on during his young life.  For the record, he is 6 years old and he just started his 9th team.  We stay busy.

Then, I tried to figure out what scrapbooking items I already had because I was not about to go buy more for this 2 second presentation on the joys of having this kid as my own, especially when he’s basically feeding me my lines by dictating what kind of presentation I should give.  Fortunately, I had adhesive and background paper, as well as a few sports-themed stickers, punch out letters and clear plastic wrap that I could wrap his personalized baseball cards in so they wouldn’t get damaged in the gluing process.  (Note to self: take time to point out to hubby how having all of the scrapbooking junk in piles around our tiny house helped me save money while creating what is clearly a masterpiece for our first-born child)

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for, a glimpse at the timeless work of art which the entire class will cherish for 3 1/2 minutes (you’re going to need to ignore where I messed up the name of his football team and just scratched it out because I couldn’t find the white out and how crooked the glued on letters are since I was racing through it in order to keep the 16-month-old from stealing them).  Enjoy.

If you practice, one day you too could have these mad skills!

Yeah, it’s nothing like I wish it could be, but hey, at least I got something made.  And, in the process, I got a frantic chance to look back at how much he has grown since he started playing organized sports at the age of 3 – he was so cute and tiny then.  Sometimes I forget how much he has grown and it’s fun to look back, even if it was somewhat begrudgingly!  It also reminded me how much he has improved because in the more recent photos, he is actually looking impressive, whereas the older pictures basically show him skipping through the grass, oblivious to the real sport being “played”.

I hear one of the other parents made a smart board presentation that was quite impressive, but it couldn’t have been nearly as impressive as my old-school poster.  Yeah, that’s the story I am sticking with.  Good thing my kid is only 6 and just wants to be the center of attention, which I will absolutely help him achieve!  Let’s just hope the other kids aren’t too judgmental when I start sharing my stories in person! 🙂


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