I Guess Pinterest Is Ok.

Well, after my ranting about how Pinterest just sets me up to fail, I must admit that it does occasionally point me to some great ideas.  This weekend it led me to a great, easy costume idea for my oldest son who needed to dress up for Purim but didn’t want to wear his Halloween costume because he wanted to be original.

I told him that we weren’t spending a ton of money and it had to be something I could do without a lot of thinking or effort (yes, it was lazy, but you must remember that I am also currently working on all the stuff for my daughter’s birthday party in less than 2 weeks so I believe the laziness was justified).  We started looking through the homemade costume ideas and found something that would only cost $1.00 and only require a slight effort to make.  FANTASTIC!

He became a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans by having me blow up a pack of balloons from the dollar store (I redeemed myself here because it wasn’t easy to blow all the balloons up, tie them and keep them out of the hands of the baby who kept trying to pop them), grab a clear trash bag from my stash of stored hand-me-down clothes upstairs, and print out a picture of the Jelly Belly logo.  Fortunately, my printer had just enough ink left in it to get most of the color on the jelly bean.  I do live for waiting until the last moment to buy new ink cartridges just to see how far I can stretch the ink before it just quits on me.

I cut a few slits in the bag for his arms and legs and taped the logo down before carefully having him step into it and loading him up with balloons.  I thought he would pop most of the balloons during the little carnival he attended, but they held up surprisingly well, despite his best efforts to ignore my warnings to be careful!  Yes, they survived the sack race where he fell twice and the 15 seconds he had to frantically dig through a pile of hay to find candy.  Kids are surprisingly fast when candy is involved.

As hoped for, he won first place in the costume contest!  Success!  How cute is this little guy?!

My little bag of jelly beans

Not too bad for a quick and easy idea….that I did get from Pinterest.  Sigh.


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