Oh Pinterest, How I Loathe Thee (AKA – More DIY Party Woes)

When I first heard about Pinterest, it sounded like such a fantastic idea!  Now I wouldn’t have to try to remember where I saw neat birthday party ideas for my kids or make a list of the websites which I would certainly lose 10 minutes after writing it.

we are now frenemies

However, instead of just helping me find exciting things to do for my kids so that I maintain my status as Supermom #1, it also points me directly to websites of much more talented people than myself who make me think that I can do what they do, which of course I can’t, thus leading me into the dark abyss of inadequacy (which also leads me to imagine these marvelously artistic people sitting behind their computers snickering in a sinister manner at the thought of poor souls like me even attempting to copy their magnificent efforts).

I am currently in such a state due to yet another attempt of mine at a DIY party for my soon-to-be 5-year-old daughter who has requested an Alice in Wonderland theme for her upcoming birthday.  Why did I agree to such a thing?  I am still trying to figure that out (I assume it’s because I did the pirate party in the fall for my boys and I want to make sure that I spend as much time and effort on her birthday – oh, how the guilt of potentially not splitting my time and energy equally amongst my herd of kids can just suck me right back in).

Now, there’s A LOT of ideas out there for various Alice parties, from vintage to Disney to Tim Burton; you’re set with the help of Pinterest.  However, once I started writing a list of all of the “money-saving” ideas that I was planning on doing, I realized quickly that these so-called “DIY parties on a budget” are nothing of the sort (ie, they are neither cheap nor do most of the people actually do-it-themselves). Since I must mostly rely on my abilities alone, I went in search of other people like me who had ideas that I might be able to actually pull off.

It’s much more difficult to find the less-talent-required party ideas than those with the “wow” factor, sadly, which leads me to this rambling blog.  I am determined to share the disastrous process I am going through with others so that I might be able to make some other struggling mom feel better about herself (and perhaps provide a laugh) when she masters what I am trying to do much better and much quicker.

To give you a mouth-watering taste of what is to come over the next few weeks, we will begin with the invitation!  This is what I was going for:

something cute and handmade, yet still elegant

How cute are those little antique keys?!  Well, just a 6-pack of those can run you $4.99 or more and we’d need several packs….and that’s just for the keys.  Um, no thank you.

This is what we actually came up with (a special thanks to our local Michael’s store for randomly having what I was looking for in their dollar bins!  You should know that my luck is not usually this good) :

I was oh so lucky to find this and pair it with an Alice-colored blue envelope!

The inside, well, it’s not so cute.  I typed out the cutest words I could come up with, mentioning random characters from the story, and printed them out, along with a picture of the white rabbit.

I had to lose the card outline because it was too big for the store-bought card (naturally) but I did add "to the queen" after the rsvp part because I deserve to be queen for my efforts, even if it is the crazy queen

I then used my favorite adhesive, scrapbooking squares, to keep the printouts in the card.  Yeah, I’m that good.  They are now addressed and waiting to be sent to the lucky people chosen to attend what is shaping up to be the party of the year.  Obviously, I JEST.

Stay tuned to see how Pinterest continues to make me feel inferior as I keep trying to make the difficult things I see on there for this party……BLERG!

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