Next Year We’ll Just Head To Target

This year, the kids and I decided that we would make our own Valentines for their classes.  It sounded like such a fun idea for us to do together; crafting with love using things we already had around the house, thus equaling saving money and giving a more unique gift….and then we began.

I had scoured the internet via Pinterest for cute and easy ideas and we finally settled on some “inchworms” made out of cardstock, googly eyes, pompoms and pencils.  Some wonderful other mother had posted the printable template for us so that I didn’t have to try to create the outline myself, either by hand or on the computer (neither of which would have turned out correctly) and I thank her for it.

I printed the templates on brightly colored cardstock and smiled at my remarkable talents.  We then pulled out our leftover googly eyes, pompoms, pencils and one hole punch.


I cut out the outline of the inchworms while the kids were at school so that I could punch the holes and have them ready to decorate when the kids got home.  For some reason, my tired brain did not register the fact that it is quite difficult to punch holes through several layers of thick card stock (something that was required once the worms were bent into shape).  So, after painfully punching holes into 10 worms, I decided to take a little break.  I had 2 blood blisters and what felt like a broken arm and it was just not worth the effort since the holes I punched were crooked anyway.  Ugh.

"Inching along to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day"

Then it occurred to me that my husband has a heavy-duty 3-hole punch at work that he could bring home for me on his lunch break.  Amazing how my brilliant mind works AFTER I had already suffered lasting pain.  After that realization, the punching was much faster, easier and centered!

Over the next few weeks, we sat down at the table and glued on the eyes and fuzzy ears and decided which kid got which color worm and which pencil (luckily I planned way ahead of time so that their interest in decorating could be renewed every few days and there was still time for me to fix anything that might fall apart at the end).

a sample of the finished project

I think they turned out pretty cute and the kids only fought me a little when it came time to sign them all!  However, as simple as this looked, it was quite a pain in the butt to organize and put together.  I will never judge the moms that go to the store and buy the generic pre-printed cards with lollipops because I totally get it now.

Having said that, I am sure that I will see some craft for another holiday and feel the need to give it a try too, completely forgetting the terror of homemade Valentines.  Funny how a supposedly “crafty” mommy’s brain works.  As such, I am determined to try to find something cute that I can put a twist on and make it EASIER!  I will show you our “homemade” teacher gifts as an example.

semi-homemade ("to a POP-POP-POP-ular teacher")

We saw a cute idea where a much more crafty mom made individual popcorn wrappers with this saying on them and embellished them beautifully and wrapped them up with great flair.  After the inchworm debacle, I had no such patience for this project but the kids really wanted to do it so we headed to the dollar tree and bought 2/$1 plastic popcorn containers and boxes of popcorn to put inside.  I then used my incredible artistic talents to type the same saying, print it, cut it out with cute scissors, glue it on cardstock, and tie it on with some red ribbon left over from Christmas.  Don’t be jealous.

But seriously, next year we’re heading to Target.

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