Confession: I Really Should Be Cleaning, But…..

Who wants to deal with this when there are cute kids around?!

Right now I am watching my kids play…together…without fighting!  This is such a rare moment in time so I am sitting down, trying to take it all in!

My oldest son should be doing his homework, but how can I make him when he’s finally indulging the wishes of his little brother by playing football with him?!  The baby squeals with delight at the attention given to him and grabs the ball while taking off in the opposite direction of my 6-year-old.  He turns around to look over his shoulder as he runs, making sure that his big brother is still chasing him and laughs when he discovers that he is.  This occasionally causes my sweet, clumsy baby to run into the wall – he is his mother’s child after all – but he doesn’t seem to mind the bumps and bruises, even when he trips and almost pokes his eye out with his own finger.  And, surprisingly, my older son’s usual penchant for strictly adhering to his rules of “play” was nowhere to be seen, allowing him to laugh and have fun along with his little brother.

Meanwhile, my daughter is putting every dress-up outfit she owns on while she pretends to be cheering them on, but is really checking herself out in the mirror of her princess vanity while singing, “I’m a rock star, oh yeah”.  [It’s amazing the difference between girls and boys]  Wait!  She just realized that I was watching her and is now requesting a performance fee for the entertainment she is providing – “but, mom, I put on a great show!”.  Luckily she takes pretend checks, pennies and old gift cards as payment.

Apparently, we have reached half-time in the ball game with my older son announcing that he is winning by a score of 72-20.  This number seems a bit inflated but the baby doesn’t mind because he is able to console himself by eating some yogurt melts, dancing to the theme song from Zoboomafoo and dumping a bag of goldfish onto the floor.

Ok, now I really have no choice but to go and clean because I hear the sound of little feet smashing tiny, cheddar aquatic snacks into the grout on the floor, coupled with squeals of delight at the mess being made.  Sigh.  I wish every day could be this magical!


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