My Son, The Author – AKA, Mommy’s Turn to Brag a Little About My Superstar

My 6-year-old son loves to read.   Right now, his favorite books are those from the Magic Tree House (MTH) series and these books have inspired him to try his own hand at writing children’s books.  He started out writing a few “books” for his Kindergarten teacher about a character named ‘Chris the Lion’ and his many adventures doing various activities.  He even illustrated the books (and now promotes himself as both an author and illustrator – so cute).

As his mom, I love that this is what interests him and I love that even though his verbal, reading and writing skills are quite advanced for a 6-year-old, you can still tell that he is just a child with an imagination brewing wild.  Sometimes I have to shake my head at the randomness of his thought process or use of vocabulary because even though he’s my son, it’s still weird to listen to a 6-year-old speak like an adult! (Case in point – he just learned what sarcastic means and doesn’t miss an opportunity to point out when I am speaking with sarcasm, which is quite often – I’ll have to work on that).

"Mom, you are being sarcastic again!"

His latest endeavor is writing a chapter book, similar to the MTH style.  We had to work out a few plagiarism kinks because it started out by basically misappropriating things from MTH, including the exact names of the children, but after a quick discussion about “inspiration vs. copying” he began writing his own series entitled, “The Invisible Horse”!

I loved it so much that I wanted to share the first chapter with you – starting with his own intro which states that “It’s so cool, check it out!”  Who wouldn’t want to read something with that kind of review, right?! 🙂  **Warning: I have typed it exactly as he wrote it so that you can see his errors (even though he requested that I edit it) because it makes it even cuter**

The Invisible Horse, Chapter 1: Drew pushed his glasses into place.  “Where are we going,” said Drew?  Leigh said, “we’re going to the horse next door.”  “What horse,” said Drew.  “It’s invisible,” said Leigh.  “The horse’s name is Greyeson.”  

Drew asked why the horse was invisible?  Leigh told him that it is invisible because it is keeping Greyeson out of danger.  Drew and Leigh said, “it’s so cool; check it out!!!”

So they did just that, and they could hear the horse and touch it!  Then they heard Greyeson say, “I’m really a unicorn.”  What in the world are you talking about, they thought?!  

“I have a horn and I fly,” Greyeson said.  Leigh and Drew said, “that’s phenomenal, really PHENOMENAL! Yeah!”  And they took off into the air.

I imagine this is Greyeson (if you were able to see him)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I want to know why Greyeson was in danger and where Drew and Leigh were headed as they flew away on Greyeson’s back. And, maybe it’s just me and I know my son very well, but I adore that he used the word ‘phenomenal’ simply because he just learned how to spell it.  Way to work in a big word just for fun!

This kid never ceases to amaze me with his adoration of new vocabulary words and his imagination!  I wish I could find something that I was so passionate about!  Stay tuned to find out more about The Invisible Horse! 🙂


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