Santa Is So Accommodating!

I am not a Black Friday kind of person.  I think the day brings out the worst in people and I would rather just reserve my ‘crazy’ for another day.  As such, I decided to take my two older kids to see the Muppet Movie instead of shopping.  They were surprisingly fantastic, indulging me and my nostalgia, and sat through the entire movie with only one quick trip to the potty.

As we were leaving the theater (which happened to be located inside of a mall), we walked by Santa!  I didn’t realize that Santa would be holding conferences with children this early and apparently, neither did anyone else because the elves were huddled around gossiping and Santa was looking very lonely.  I decided that although we weren’t really prepared for pictures with Santa, we would go ahead and do it so we wouldn’t have to wait in line later (I will still have to take the baby, but at least the line will be short since kids are still in school during the week).

First up was my son who will talk to anyone and will do so for hours if given the opportunity.  He ran right up, sat down and proceeded to tell Santa that he will take anything Santa wants to bring him.  That’s my boy – making mommy’s life a little easier by not asking for anything expensive or specific (I know it won’t last long so I’m appreciating it while I can)!

Ho, Ho, Ho

Then, when I was sure Santa was spent from talking about random things with my son, I turned to my daughter for her turn.  Now, she is my child that screams at every ‘character’ she has ever met from birth (except princesses because she is sure she is one of them).  I thought that at age 4 1/2 she might be beyond that, but despite her initial excitement over seeing Santa, she clung to my leg and began screaming, ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ in the middle of the mall.  If you listen quietly, you can probably still hear her awful high-pitched scream echoing down the corridors there.

After calming her down and assuring her that she didn’t have to go up to Santa if she didn’t want to, she decided that she would be ‘brave’ and hold down a conversation from several feet away.

observe her safety bubble

She was very animated and gave her specific requests to Santa and he kept talking to her despite the distance.  Then, Santa got a little sneaky.  He told my crazy daughter that she should turn around and make sure that I know what she asked for so that we wouldn’t be getting her the same gifts and when she turned around, he snuck up behind her so I could actually get a shot of her and Santa together!

she had no idea

He was already back to his chair before she turned back around to say, “thanks” and “goodbye”.  Then she asked to see the pictures and couldn’t figure out how in the world I got a picture of her and Santa!  Tricky Santa!

It could have been a disaster, but Santa worked his magic and it turned out great (minus the few stares from passersby at the girl who screamed and would only talk to Santa from behind the cone).  The elves were still oblivious as we walked away….


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