Baby Steps

Over the past few months, I have watched my little baby go from crawling to walking (well, it looks more like a drunken stumble most of the time, but he’s almost there).  Watching his progression makes me think of how my life has also progressed in stages.

I have hard days where I stumble, falling flat on my face.

man down

But, it’s the low points in life that provide character and make us who we are.  Sometimes in the rough patches I forget this.  So, I’m trying to learn a lesson from my baby – when you fall, you brush yourself off and keep going.  Pretty soon you’re back on your feet, ready to hit the ground running again.

learning to take baby steps

The important part is to keep smiling through the bumps and bruises of life (and the face full of dirt).

ready to try again

Just one more thing my kids are teaching me! 🙂

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