Dress-Up Storage On A Budget


Lately, my 4-year-old’s dress up clothes can be found lying all over our house.  Not cool.  I decided to search the internets to look for crafty solutions to this problem. I came across the picture above on numerous boards on Pinterest and I thought it was pretty cute.  However, this “wardrobe” was handmade by a person that knows his way around woodwork and styled by a woman with talent.  As I know nothing about woodwork or real artistic talent (nor do I have the time, money or space to do it anyway), I started to think about ways that I could modify this nifty idea.

After a few days, I had nothing.  Then, on a quick trip to Walmart, I stumbled across a lonely box in the middle of the aisle.

"THE box"

As soon as I saw the shape, I knew I found my version of the beautiful inspiration wardrobe.  High back; low front; holes in the sides for a string to hang dresses on.  Perfect! The sales associate, hard at work filing her nails, said I could have it and so the box was saved from the compressor and got to go home with me!  Lucky box!

Once at home, I pulled out an old can of spray paint from my crafting supplies and prayed there was enough in the can to cover at least the side and the front. I took it outside and started working on my latest work of art.  As it turns out, there was just enough to cover the red and black with a “cloudy” white (meaning you can only see outlines of the words if you look really closely – so DON’T look really closely).

Then, I let my little girl pick out her favorite papers from my scrapbook paper collection and cut out her name in large letters.  (Confession, I used the computer to enlarge the letters and traced it on the scrapbook paper before I cut out her name so it would at least be neat and uniform so please don’t think I even remotely tried to freestyle this part).

this is as fancy as it gets

After I glued on the letters, my daughter took the scraps from the paper and cut out little shapes for the sides so she could be a part of the decorating process too.  Then, we hung a long piece of rope from one side to the other so she would be able to hang up some of her dresses, while everything else could just be tossed in the bottom of the box.

Our end product is nowhere near the quality of the original inspiration, but hey, it was FREE and we “made” it together!  She loves it and it doesn’t take up much space.  I’m hoping she will be inspired to keep all of her dress-up clothes in one place now!

our mini-wardrobe 🙂


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