A Kid-Friendly Dining Room!

With the arrival of 3 kids in 5 years, I am the first to admit that our house is always a disaster of epic proportion.

This is actually a picture from the show "Hoarders" but sometimes it feels like this in my house

I have tried on numerous occasions to figure out a way to get everyone more organized and have failed with great flair.  Having said that, it should be no surprise that when it comes to “decorating” our humble abode, we have become quite ‘eclectic’.  That’s what people say when nothing matches, right?  I’ve basically given up trying to create a specific style for our house other than ‘kid chic’ and that’s just code for ‘controlled chaos’ or ‘overrun with too much ridiculous so-called artwork’.

Only in my dreams

This chaos has spilled over into our dining area and no matter how hard I try to keep the table/seats clean, again, I fail.  Kids have a special talent for ruining things that should be unruinable (not sure that’s actually a word, but you know what I mean).  We’ve been through numerous tablecloths, both linen and plastic, not to mention vacuum filters, because my little critters can’t keep all of their food on their plates even if I paid them (which I have been tempted to do).

My once beautiful table that was my first real furniture purchase when I moved into my own apartment has many little nicks in the wood and 2 of the seat cushions on the matching chairs have all but been destroyed by daily spills that I can no longer scrub off. (For the record, I did buy plastic seat covers to try to manage this issue when they started eating at the regular table and not in high chairs, but they figured out how to spill underneath the covers.  How, you ask?  It’s a true talent.)

This is what we started out with (this is the least stained of all 4 of our chairs - trust me, you didn't want to see the kids' actual chairs)

After looking at the horrible seats for months and still trying to keep the 2 inches of material that remained unstained clean, I finally decided that it was time to recover them.  However, knowing how super talented my kids are in the food/drink-spilling area, I recognized that I really shouldn’t spend a ton of money on nice, matching material for seat covers since those would most likely be destroyed by next week, too.  So, I did what any cheap resourceful woman would do: I dug around in the closet that holds everything that I don’t know what to do with and found the leftover material from the Halloween bags that I “sewed” for my kids this year (crayon print and money print).

At first glance, the average human being would be repulsed by my choice of chair fabric as both prints are dark and extremely ridiculous for a dining room.  But, in my warped brain, these were both FANTASTIC choices because they represent each of my children well at this stage in their lives AND because they are dark, the stains won’t show nearly as much or as quickly!  So, I got out the trusty tool box (and then realized that I had left several of the tools in other areas of the house so I had to go on a massive manhunt – I told you, it’s a disaster area – and I had the wrong staples for my staple gun so I also had to make a quick trip to the store) and I set out to recover the chairs with our crazy remnants!

I am not the world’s greatest at anything closely related to home/furniture repair, but I was able to do this myself and these chairs will both do the trick until the kids get older and I can once again have a matching dining room.  Don’t be jealous that your chairs aren’t as fly as ours (or just don’t laugh where I can hear you)! 🙂

a crayon chair

who doesn't want a money chair?


5 thoughts on “A Kid-Friendly Dining Room!

  1. I looked at my house just last night and said WOW this looks a mess! lol I try to give myself credit since I work full time and go to school BUT it is still hard to not feel bad when organization seems to be far far away when it comes to your home. I have two sons and I usually can blame all clutter on them they are good candidates!

    Oftentimes I have looked at homes on television where there are children and go how in the world do they keep it looking that nice, now I have realized that those homes are television dreams and far away from reality. especially my reality.

    • We don’t really have a dining room either (just a little space in our living room that is close to the kitchen) but I like to pretend it’s an actual room. The great part about this project is that you can go to garage sales or flea markets and buy old chairs for cheap and recover them for REALLY cheap!

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