Pirate Party: Mission Accomplished!

Well, after all the headache and stress of planning things and trying to make the party feel home-made, yet still fun and exciting, I pulled off the pirate party (big thanks to my family who drove over for the day and helped set up and clean up while I organized the rest)!

the "piratey" food (goldfish, celery planks, grapes on a sword, pirate's booty, pizza and punch)

The weather turned out to be perfect, just a hint of fall in the air, but still warm enough to run around in the sun.  Approx. 10 kids came and that was a great amount for the size of the room and the games planned!  Everyone was in a great mood and all the kids seemed to have a great time!  I couldn’t have asked for more!

We started the games off with a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey-esque game where the children wore a mask and tried to put the treasure chest sticker on the right part of the map.  After the first two kids placed their stickers in exactly the right spot, my son informed me that they had figured out how to peek out of the mask.  It was pretty funny to watch each kid head over to the map and start to put the sticker somewhere else and then magically decide to move it right to the exact spot!  Kids are so clever!

the treasure chests all perfectly lined up in the right spot on the map.

We then moved to what was supposed to be a mock cannonball fight with black balloons, boys vs. girls in imaginary ships, etc.  Well, the idea was there and the kids lined up perfectly, but once the balloons were thrown, all bets were off and it basically became a race to see where else in the park the balloons would go!  All instructions were forgotten and children scattered.  It didn’t matter because in the end, they had more fun doing their own version of the game and chasing the balloons.

supposedly a cannonball fight

After the cannonball fight we headed back to the porch to start the treasure hunt.  Each child received their spyglasses, compass, eye patch and map and we were ready to begin.  I had the first clue, which I handed to the birthday boy to read.  He read it and everyone looked at their maps to see which sticker they were headed to.  It took searching for a clue or two for everyone to put together how the hunt worked, but once they got it, they were having a blast!

who can find the next clue?

The last clue sent everyone back to the porch of the house where we started. Little did they know, but the treasure was hidden under the bench right were we began and no one even noticed until the clue led them back there!

hiding in the wide open is the last thing the kids expected 🙂

After that, we went in and looted the treasure chest,

finding treats in the treasure chest

had cake, opened presents, and enjoyed each others’ company until it was time to leave.

reading a card from a friend's gift

Yes, I was exhausted at the end, but everyone seemed to have a great time.  I’m pretty glad it’s over at this point, but every ounce of effort and stress was worth it to give my boys a great party.  Now I have time to start planning my daughter’s March birthday! 🙂

(For the record: the baby was happy just to sit and watch all of the other kids and make a huge mess of his cake so that was our gift to him! Mission Accomplished!)

fun for a baby


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