Can I Pull Off a Pirate Party? Part II

ye old pirate treasure

Since I last wrote about the perils of planning a pirate party, I have accomplished several things.  With the “help” of my 4-year-old daughter, I put treasure in the treasure chest, I made treasure hunting kits with cute printable bag toppers,

treasure hunting kits

put together mini treasure boxes with pirate goodies, cut out Jolly Roger flags for the toothpicks and finished the infamous treasure maps.  (Pat on the back to myself, thank you, thank you).

dying the maps with teabags

As for the annoying maps, it turns out that using teabags to make paper look old is a fun job that kids don’t mind doing.  And it helps to cover the terrible artistic quality of a poorly drawn map! Yeah!  We also decided to use pirate stickers and matching clip art to create clues to go along with the map.

please don't mock the drawing

I came up with semi-clever clues for the kids who can read and the kids that can’t read yet can listen and match the clues to the stickers! It’s amazing what one can do when the baby actually decides to take his morning nap!

I am clearly not a professional party planner and none of my handmade items are fantastic looking like all the other people who blog about their terrific parties, but everything is looking fairly adequate as of right now.  This party might actually come together after all!  We’ll just have to wait and see……..


One thought on “Can I Pull Off a Pirate Party? Part II

  1. Courtney, you did such a GREAT job on the party! You are always so creative and fun. And you have so much energy–heavens knows I need some of that! We had a fantastic time and only wish Miss Julia could have been there, too.

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