Argh, Can I Pull Off a Pirate Party? Part One

Beware of pirate party planning....

In 2 weeks, my oldest will turn 6 and he wants a pirate-themed party.  Sounds simple enough since it’s pretty easy to find piratey stuff.  However, I like to be the “do-it-yourself” type of party person and create original and fantastic ideas so I can often get WAY too ambitious with my party planning.  My artistic abilities do not in any way match up with my creative side and very rarely do things turn out as I have planned (cut to my daughter’s Tangled birthday party earlier in the year where I tried to create original tower cupcakes that ended up looking like mold…).

Clearly, I am not a pastry artist

I swore to myself that I was finished with trying to do everything myself and, for the most part, I have stuck to that.  This is mostly because we are also celebrating my baby’s 1-year-old birthday at this pirate party so that I don’t have to plan two parties this year.  Lazy? Perhaps.  But since he’s one and will never know the difference, I’m charging forward with the dual party plan and then he can feel super special next year when he actually has somewhat of a clue as to what a birthday party is.

I purchased most of the items for the party this year instead of trying to make everything like I did for the Tangled party and I think I have just about everything, but I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed and anxious, especially when thinking about the treasure hunt.

I consider this to be a very important part of an authentic pirate party (as does my son), but will I be able to pull off creating a map that even remotely resembles the park where we are having the party?  That remains to be seen……

My preliminary drawing is not promising


3 thoughts on “Argh, Can I Pull Off a Pirate Party? Part One

  1. My son had a pirate themed birthday party when he turned 6. He love legos, and I got one of the lego pirate sets for his birthday, built it and put it on the cake…present and cute cake at the same time. For games, I bought a bunch of those plastic gold coins and we had various places in the back yard for the kids to find the coins in. The kid with the most coins got a little prize (eye patch or pirate hat I think).

    We had a sand table thing in which I buried some coins and put some sifters in, we also had a larger sand/water table which had water in it. I put speghitti noodles in it and lots of green food color, as well as the coins. It was like a gross swamp thing (just don’t forget to clean the tub thing out after. I forgot and soon it was stinky, moldy and nasty).

    I found a pirate ship pinata at hobby lobby, and that was the last activity. Oh yeah, before the party My older kids and I made a “treasure map” by just swcetching our yard and putting a dotted path line to each game, ending with a big red x at the pinata. The goodie bags to take home we just filled with pinata candy, the coins the kids found and some cheap eye patches.The whole party was so much fun. Anyway, there are some ideas for you. Good luck!

    • thanks! our house isn’t big enough for more than our family so we’re having it at a park and I’ve been trying to create a little map of the area to go along with clues and I am horrific at drawing! hopefully these 5-6 year olds won’t be too judgmental (or I can bribe them with pirate “booty”)! I’ll post whatever I come up with! 🙂

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