Helping Other Children

Our Charity

Per the request of my oldest son, we started a “charity” called Mikey’s Helping Place (the name was his idea – he’s 5, so it makes complete sense). 🙂  Earlier this year he held a Read-A-Thon where he read 50 books in 2 weeks and was able to raise $800 for the adoption division of the Children’s Home Society of North Florida, a place dear to our hearts since both my step-dad and my close childhood friend were adopted.

He was so excited about how well he did for his first charitable event, that he wanted to immediately jump into another one.  Obviously, at his young age, he doesn’t realize everything that goes into raising money, but I love that his heart is in the right place.

We took it easy for a few months, but he kept asking to do something else so right now, we are collecting new toys for the Pediatric Unit at our local hospital. I realize how lucky I am to have 3 healthy children so we wanted to help spread a little sunshine to the children that are in the hospital.

Over the last month, we have been getting both monetary and tangible donations from numerous people and we have been storing everything in our spare closet.  This weekend, we were able to go shopping with some of the donated money and purchased numerous interactive toys for the hospital playroom, per the request of the hospital.

playroom toys

We were also able to purchase smaller items as fillers for the gift bags we intend to make for each patient to keep.

gift bag goodies

Next up, we are hoping to get toys for the toy-box where children pick a gift to keep as a comfort item when they receive various hospital treatments.  We are so excited about how well everything is turning out and the kids can’t wait to be able to deliver the toys to the Pediatrics director on September 30th!

**Check Mikey’s Helping Place out on Facebook to learn more about the toy drive!**


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