And So It Begins….

Today my oldest son started Kindergarten and my daughter started Pre-K.  I was/am definitely more nervous than they were. 

"ready confetti"

We started off last night by sprinkling some “ready confetti” under their pillows to help them get a good night’s sleep before the first day (the confetti was given to us by the Kindergarten teacher with a cute poem telling the kids how excited he was to have them in his class).  I was proud of my son for voluntarily offering to share the confetti with his sister as sharing is something we work on daily in this house!

school years

Then we woke up early, had breakfast and started getting ready.  My daughter was ready about 2 hours early because she was so excited.  I took the pictures I needed to take and can’t wait to start preserving the memories in the new books that my sweet husband bought me this weekend!  Even if I am 2 years behind in my regular scrapbooking, I’m pretty sure I can keep up with the once-a-year books!


Then it was time for the first drop off.  We got there early like we were told to do at Orientation, but apparently they forgot to tell the administration that so we had to wait for them to open the doors.  Not the greatest time for a bunch of nervous kids and parents, but we survived.  And, once we walked into the building, my big boy’s attitude greatly improved.  He found his classroom, his cubby, and his desk, and he had no further use for me. 

I gave him a big hug and kiss and he was already set to work on the activity the teacher had laid out to start the school year with.  I slowly crept toward the door, with my heart in my chest and turned around one last time to see him giving me the ‘I love you’ sign and smiling.  I was then comfortable enough to leave him in the capable hands of his teacher (who has no idea what he is in for with my little chatterbox – Lord, help him!).

marching to VPK

I then headed home to wait around for a few more minutes until it was time to take my daughter to Pre-K.  After she checked herself out in the mirror for the 300th time, she was ready to go and we piled back into the car to head to her new school.  This is the first time she has been at school without her big brother so I was praying she would be comfortable by herself.  I was needlessly worried. 

She raced me to the front door and although she hid behind me for a second when we first walked in, she quickly went and sat on the carpet with the other kids and immediately began showing them her “beautiful dress”.  She was mostly chatting with the boys in the beginning, which tells me that we will have our hands full in the near future! 

I was petrified that I would cry at the drop-offs, but somehow I managed to hold it together better than expected, even when I saw this at my son’s school:

Boo-hoo breakfast

I skipped the boo-hoo breakfast so that I wouldn’t boo-hoo.  Now that they are gone and the house is quiet (the baby is sleeping), I know they will be just fine and I am excited to hear all about their first days.  It’s going to be a fun school year with my big kids!


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