Just Observing

This is how my hair looks in my dreams

It’s always nice when I get a chance to just sit and watch my baby play.  So often the older ones are acting like maniacs or he’s getting gross so I have to play ringmaster or poop changer.  That is the tough part of the “mom” job.  But being the observer is the fun part!

This week, I have observed the following from my soon to be 10-month old:

  • He says “nein-nein” when he wants food – I assume he is trying to say “num, num” like most babies, but he is channeling his German roots.
  • He zooms around in his walker like speed racer, unafraid of any obstacle in his way (he loves to ram into things over and over, regardless of the danger involved).
  • He has a definite affinity for finding the one thing he shouldn’t have in the midst of 400 toys he could play with – HOW DO BABIES DO THIS?!
  • He enjoys trying to get into places he shouldn’t like the toilet, the cabinets, the trash can, the laundry basket, etc. (usually this happens while playing speed racer).
  • He has a fascination with his older brother’s dining room chair.  I couldn’t figure out why he kept trying to pull that particular chair over until I discovered that big brother occasionally drops leftover Poptarts there and my little piggy was finding them before I had a chance to clean it up!  Smart boy!  Keeping me on my toes.
  • He enjoys playing with the boxes that diapers come in….not the diapers themselves like normal babies, but the box alone.  He literally spent 30 minutes one day picking up the box and dropping it, then flipping it, then opening and closing it, then looking at me and laughing….apparently this is a good time.
  • He knows exactly how to wait until I change a wet diaper to immediately soil it with some nasty stuff.  It’s like he’s afraid to poo in an already dirty diaper so he insists that I change him twice in 3 minutes.  I appreciate this and so does the Pampers Corporation.
  • He has learned to say “dis” and “dat” for various things and if you repeat one of these, he will say the other one back.  This is actually a pretty fun game for me too because it clearly means he is going to be a gangsta rapper (I’m hearing Ain’t Nothing But a G Thang when we play this game….It’s like ‘dis’ and like ‘dat’ and like ‘dis’ uh).
  • He enjoys a good game of catch.  His older brother throws him a ball and yells “Fetch” (much like you would with the family dog) and he will get it and attempt to throw it back and laugh hysterically. 
  • He is starting to dance to music (especially the music he recognizes from all the kids shows we watch) but if you ask him if he is dancing, he will shake his head viciously back and forth as if to vehemently deny it.  Don’t worry, if he is anything like his mother, he will own his dancing skills any day now.

I’m sure I have observed a lot of other things, but I get a little distracted from ‘dis’ and ‘dat’ so I’ll have to report back later, but for now, I’m having fun with my little ‘T’ Thang and all that he is learning to do.


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