I Couldn’t Say It Better

I recently found a card that my mom gave to me a few years ago for Mother’s Day and I realized that the woman who wrote it must have been reading my mind.  Sometimes I feel like an absolutely superb mother and other times I feel like a complete disaster.  As a fairly intelligent and somewhat “modern” woman, I have an advanced degree that I worked my butt off for, but I sometimes feel as though staying at home with my kids is wasting my degree, not to mention the money that I spent to earn it (and I will admit that this feeling usually comes from someone else saying something to that effect); but to me, there is nothing more important than my kids and if that means sacrificing my career and extra income for now, it is worth it.  Sometimes I need to be reminded of that, especially on the days where my kids are driving me nuts and I long for a job outside of the home.  So, whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, here’s to you and the hardest, but most important, job you’ll ever have.  I hope the following words will mean as much to you as they did to me.


Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world.  This all-important job comes with little or no training.  There’s no license or degree to certify that you are properly educated and skillfully prepared to do the job.

Unlike most careers, motherhood is one full of emotional ups and downs.  No one is more important than those you are in charge of.  Every mistake, slip-up, or decision can have you wondering and second-guessing yourself, your motives, and your expertise.  You may long for peace and instead get pouting and rebellion.  When difficult times seem overwhelming and you wonder whatever possessed you to become a parent in the first place, remember…the answer is love.

It’s love that will see you through every heartache and worry.  Love will sooth, kiss, and hug away fears and sadness.  It’s love that is balanced with discipline and caring, humor and responsibility; love that can say no when it’s the best answer and yes whenever possible.  This kind of love never disappears, even when everything else seems to – because the love of a mother is the only kind guaranteed to be unconditional and never-ending.

~Barbara Cage



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