Even Babies Know that Bacon Trumps Bananas!

Up until this point, I have been pretty conservative with the food options I have given the baby.  He has been a huge lover of every baby food we have tried (with the exception of carrots and bananas – he will still eat both but he makes faces while doing it to let me know that he is not pleased about my choices).  He’s now 8 months old and definitely eyeballing table food, wondering why he is clearly being deprived of such delicious treats.  At only 20.3 lbs and fitting into size 18 month clothes, he is obviously wasting away to nothing right before my eyes.  So, I decided to let him have little tastes of things here and there to see how he would do with the chewing.

I started with the baby puffs that come in different flavors.  I know that this is still technically baby food, but I am not going to be the mom who has to call 911 because her baby is choking on a Cheerio that he wasn’t ready to eat (an unlikely circumstance, but my luck tends to go that way).    He did just fine so we moved on to little pieces of bread.  For some reason he felt the need to suck on the bread and he managed to make it last for several minutes before finally swallowing.  I guess he was just savoring the “flavor”.  He did the same thing with freshly peeled apple slices.

Today at breakfast, I decided to give him a piece of my banana to see what he could do with it.  Since he isn’t a huge fan of baby food bananas I wasn’t sure how he would react, but I knew he would have fun making a mess.  He gummed away at the banana until it was just a pile of drool and smiled the whole time.  We high-fived at our snack and I cleaned him up and put him in his walker so he could play while I made myself another little early morning snack – BACON! 

I sat down at the table while he rolled around and watched Sprout.  Then, as I took a bite of my bacon, I made the mistake of making eye contact with him.  He knew I had something special over at the table so he came racing over like a little speed demon.  He stopped right at my feet and sat staring at the bacon, transfixed by the mouth-watering smell.  Then he held his hand out and tried, unsuccessfully, to grab a piece.  It felt a little like the scene from Oliver where Oliver says, “please, sir, I want some more” in his little British accent, and I felt so cruel and heartless not sharing my delicious treat with him. 

Here I had teased him with a banana, making him think that everything I ate would be his now too!  I tried to hide behind my napkin and eat it quickly, but he was not fooled.  So, I gave him a bottle of very diluted apple-carrot juice (sounds divine, right? BLEH) and he was temporarily appeased.  I guess for now, he’ll have to stick with the healthier, mushier treats and just dream of the day I hand him some yummy bacon.  In the meantime, I believe he is soliciting ideas for what he should try next (and praying that it is something yummier than his apple-carrot juice).


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