Can We Make Decisions at Target? Yes, We Can!

Well, my 4-year-old is finally big enough to fit in size 4 clothing!  I can’t believe how much she has grown over the last 6 months!  She literally went from fitting in 2T clothes to now wearing 4Ts with a nearly perfect fit!  As such, we had to make the trek to Target to get her some exciting new big girl underwear to go along with the bigger size clothes.  But what would she choose?  Princess? Dora? Hello Kitty? Flowers? Tinkerbell? Disney? some creepy looking Barbie?….the list went on and on.

If you have ever had a young child, you know how long they can take to make decisions when offered too many choices (and how they change their mind from one second to the next, requiring several trips back to the same aisle).  This was exactly so in the case of the new underwear.  After narrowing it down to 4 different packs and then putting them back one by one to choose yet another pack, we were finally able to decide on a small pack of Fancy Nancy and a larger pack of generic, yet pretty (AND CHEAPER), flowery heart granny panties (that she proudly strutted around in later).  

Then we had to move on to another part of the store for my 5-year-old to make another big decision: WHICH NEW SHOES SHOULD HE PICK?!  Since the city tball league doesn’t require cleats for his age group, he wore his old tennis shoes for every game in the horrible, red clay dirt.  This resulted in massive clay overload that simply would not be removed from the shoe.  Ordinarily we would have waited until school started to go shoe shopping, but he too has been growing over the last few months and it was just time to get new ones to fit his bigger feet. 

We approached the aisle and saw the numerous choices available for him.  At this point I am waiting for him to pick out the one pair that I truly hated (this is usually how my luck goes).  I can’t even begin to describe this pair of sneakers other than to say they would have aged my 5-year-old about 75 years; seriously orthopedic and hideously colored.  Much to my surprise, he and I both started eyeing the same exciting light up Spiderman shoes and they actually had his size (another issue we have encountered)!  What luck!  He tried one pair on, they fit, we moved on.  It was as simple as that.  Had we been looking for a new Matchbox car, it would have taken him 2 hours to decide, but when it came to shoes, he commanded the situation. 

The potential for meltdowns was great, but the crisis was averted.  Bravo to both of my kids for their Target decision-making abilities!  May these abilities stick with them through adulthood!


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