Teacher gifts, Part I

While looking for inexpensive teachers gifts that I could make with the kids, I came across the idea of a crayon-letter shadow box.

here is a professional example

Both kids loved this idea for gifts for their art teachers as it seemed like an “artsy” craft.  ‘Z’ helped me pick out the right supplies and the colors for each teacher and ‘M’ decided to just “supervise” at the last second, leaving it up to me to determine exactly how to cut and assemble the crayons inside of our particular shadow boxes.

Here's what we started with

 Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to make my letters legible without a little cheating from others who had done this project before me.  This meant sitting and counting the number of various-sized crayon pieces and adjusting them to fit our box.  Finally, I got the letters close enough and we started gluing (and praying, simultaneously).

the first box


the second box

Not too bad for an amateur doing it a piece at a time in between keeping little fingers out of the glue, changing diapers, getting snacks, breaking up fights, etc.  Hopefully the teachers will appreciate our attempt at making an artsy gift (and hopefully all of the pieces will stay together!). 

Now, on to the gifts for all of the other teachers! Yikes!


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