How quickly they grow

In a rare moment of peace today, I sat watching all 3 of my kids play happily (mind you, this lasted approximately 4 minutes, at which point someone screamed, another shoved, and the last one pooped in his diaper, all simultaneously – you can guess which kid did what).  But for those brief 4 minutes, I observed my first-born, only 5 years old but wise beyond his years, becoming a little man right in front of me.  Then I saw my precious daughter putting on a repeat performance of her ballet recital with the ladylike grace she rarely displays during her everyday life.  And then I glanced at the baby playing happily in his exersaucer.  He’s still fairly new to my world, but he is already nearly as big as I am (as evidenced by the recurring tendonitis I have developed from holding his fat little body). 

I am so often trapped in the craziness of the life I lead that I don’t get that chance to just sit back and appreciate how much they have each grown recently.  But when I do get that chance, I become a basket case.  I’m pretty sure that this means that I will sufficiently embarrass them with my emotions in the future and that makes me a little more confident that I am doing my job as a parent.  Now, let me dry my eyes and then perhaps I’ll be ready for more growing up! Sniff, sniff…..


One thought on “How quickly they grow

  1. I’m so there with you, girl! It is encouraging to hear that I’m not the only one going through this madness. We love them even when they make us crazy and…old!

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